22 March 2011

Berry Sims

I've always thought that berry sims were weird at first (don't kill me you berry lovers, wait until i finish)
and then I saw Berrypie opening auditions for her 6th cycle of Berry Sims, and whilst lurking there I came across some really beautiful sims. I honestly take back anything i said about them, i think if done correctly, berry sims may even be cuter than normal sims! Theres just something appealing about them! Maybe its their too-cute-to-eat names or their literally edible cuteness, theres something special about having a berry sim!

That competition will be one where I shall def be lurking!

21 March 2011

Stressed and annoyed

I honestly feel like some people in my team are just letting me down.
The majority are amazing people to work wih but theres one or too I could just honestly strangle sometimes! Lol
I feel as though no matter how hard I work to make VSims a great magazine, putting in endless hours of work, there is always someone there who does not appreciate it.
Countless times i've felt like firing them all and just doing it alone.
I know its not possible, theres not enough hours in the day for me to get a whole magazine done, but those who take the piss are just ruining the fun aspect of the magazine.
I love all of my workers, even those who decide to play around with me, but the magazine comes first, and I just don't think we can have some of the people working there any longer.
I'm not going to bother speaking names since its confidential VSims matter but as a person, I've just had enough of those who take the piss.

In the past two issues ive had:

- A worker who decided to quit last minute
- A worker who submitted copied work of the internet
- A worker who went MIA for an issue and acted like nothing happened
- A worker who waited until the deadline date to say they can't do the work

It's frustrating and its not fair on the people who have to pick up the slack. So.. if you are one of the people in my team who are playing about, please get your act together, or leave. Thanks.

Sorry about the whole rambling, but I just needed to get it off my chest, and after all it is my blog...

Issue 2 cover Released!

Ok guys so here's issue 2 cover of VSims Magazine, formally Vivacity :)
This month's theme is all about innocence!

3 March 2011

Vivacity Issue 1 Feedback Survey

Please Take a moment to complete this survey if you have read the magazine, this will help us make the magazine better for you!

Vivacity Magazine - Out Now!

Isssue 1 has officially been released! Check it out in all it's glory here:

25 February 2011

Vivacity Magazine - Issue 1 Cover!

Hey Guys!
Haven't updated in a while but here is the front cover for issue 1 of vivacity, which btw me dears, SHOULD be out this coming week!
I know I am!

5 February 2011

Vivacity Magazine :)

Me & Hannahjo have started a new sims magazine called Vivacity :P
Vivacity magazine will have all of the juicy bits from your typical sims magazine and more!
We wanted to make a magazine that has a lot of different elements together. In our case, you will be seeing fashion, modelling, editing, houses, stories, + more!
Think of us as an all rounder ;)

Currently issue 1 is due to be released on the 1st of March, so stay tuned!