21 March 2011

Stressed and annoyed

I honestly feel like some people in my team are just letting me down.
The majority are amazing people to work wih but theres one or too I could just honestly strangle sometimes! Lol
I feel as though no matter how hard I work to make VSims a great magazine, putting in endless hours of work, there is always someone there who does not appreciate it.
Countless times i've felt like firing them all and just doing it alone.
I know its not possible, theres not enough hours in the day for me to get a whole magazine done, but those who take the piss are just ruining the fun aspect of the magazine.
I love all of my workers, even those who decide to play around with me, but the magazine comes first, and I just don't think we can have some of the people working there any longer.
I'm not going to bother speaking names since its confidential VSims matter but as a person, I've just had enough of those who take the piss.

In the past two issues ive had:

- A worker who decided to quit last minute
- A worker who submitted copied work of the internet
- A worker who went MIA for an issue and acted like nothing happened
- A worker who waited until the deadline date to say they can't do the work

It's frustrating and its not fair on the people who have to pick up the slack. So.. if you are one of the people in my team who are playing about, please get your act together, or leave. Thanks.

Sorry about the whole rambling, but I just needed to get it off my chest, and after all it is my blog...


  1. Aw, I'm sorry Kween. I can just image all the stress that's on you-- and it must suck worrying about all the work that needs to be done.
    Some of the people are probably young kids- that don't really understand the meaning of priorities - which doesn't excuse them, but it's understandable.
    The copying off the internet is a HUGE NO-NO, and there is NO excuse for that! Who would even think about doing that *eye roll*
    Just keep your head held high -- and remember in the end it always comes out great! And you will always have at least one dedicated reader! (me) :P

  2. Yeah, its hard when its you that has to pick up the slack, but i guess its a part of being an editor, i feel alot better letting out the steam here lol. I just wish that people would take our work seriously, i feel like sometimes its just a joke for some, and it really annoys me since i spend endless hours perfecting things, and sometimes i get stuff that was done in like 5 minutes..

    Glad you've been reading it :D

  3. Yeah I feel the same way with competitions in general, but I have to remember some of the members of the modeling community are kids and not everyone feels like they need to do well at hobbies, it's like people who are crap at online games. They feel because its for fun they can suck at it....which is not a view I share for anything, if you're going to do something might as well do it right and strive to improve, or you might as well just watch TV lol.

  4. Yeah, i totally agree with what you are saying. I just feel that to create a magazine for everyone to read and love, you have to take it seriously, even if the contents is just for fun, the process of putting that contents there isnt. It's really a lot of hard work. I find that depending on their level of maturity, some people put in more work than others, I think im going to have to start thinking about whether I need to put my foot down and lose a couple of 'friends'in order to help the mag grow.

  5. I hope im not one of 'those' people... O_O lol

  6. Nope its not you, 1 of them have been fired lol

  7. Aw man, I'm sorry to hear about that Kween. It's really never know what's going on behind the scenes...

    I hope you can find a crop of people that are as dedicated to the magazine as you are. There are surely plenty of folks out there who would kill for the chance to work for you guys and would work diligently. Here's to hoping you find them if you need them!

    So many people are into sim magazines now, and I don't think they realize just how much hard work goes into the process. Heck, even I don't know just how difficult it is - I can only imagine o_O

    Looking forward to Issue #2 -- that cover is absotively posolutely STUNNING.

  8. Yeah, i honestly see people tryna create magazines every day and I just think oh dear, are you sure that what you want to get in to?
    People do not know at all, how hard it is to get an issue together.

    Hopefully, I will get some more dedicated workers, the majority of mine are already (thank god) but the select few that aren't are really making me go insane, lol.

    Thanks so much for the comment on the cover! We got our co-editor to do the cover for issue 2, you'll be seeing a fairytale editorial :D

  9. PK worded it perfectly. =)

    I don't share that view either.

    If I really suck at something . . . and improve too slowly . . . then I just quit. Sometimes quitting is better than dragging on something that you just can't do.

    Err . . . what was I talking about?

    ANYWAY. I'm following you now, Kween.

  10. :(
    As part of VSims it sucks to see that people aren't comited. It's an amazing mag and it's sad that this has to happen. everyone on the team seems to putput's so much work into making it great. And, you editors put so much into the finishing product it's really sad to see the esteem blown down.

  11. Yeah, its really not easy to try to keep the team running, but we are getting some applications to fill up some spots now so we may have some great workers coming to join the team!!