5 February 2011

Lover's Lane - Cycle 2 ♥

For those of you that don't know, Lover's Lane is a competition I created especially for 'couple modelling' . It's one of my creative competitions and I love the look of cycle two - which btw is called 'Lover's Lane - Cycle 2: Cupid's Arrow'.

*Note: I KNOW there was a competition called cupids arrow in the sims and modelling forum before, but mine isn't called cupids arrow, it's called lover's lane. Lol.

Link to forum: Click Here! Click Here!

Banner for Lover's Lane - Made by Me. Models in picture are the couple who won cycle 1 - Made by Halokitzen 

Anyways, Enough of the introductions..Lemme just get straight to the point. :P

I'm having soo many drop outs.. :(
Cycle 1 had about 17 models and in the space of 1-2 weeks around 7/10 had dropped out.
Yes. I know what you are thinking. 'Kween can't host, obviously'. NO.
I think I have bad luck.
Seriously, Cycle 2 only just started - we had about 10 models to start with. Now, i've only got 6 models AND another one may have to drop out.. :( *cries*

Am I doing something wrong? Is it just not the right time?


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